DJ Faze 2.0 (FZ-2.0)

FZ-2.0 FZ-2.0


  • Smooth and stable smoke output control from 5-100%.  In accordance with different wind power, the smoke can be adjusted from minimum to 100%.  Suitable for operation in any locations.
  • 5-100% fan speed adjustment. Quiet and smooth fan let the smoke disperse unknowingly. 100% high fan speed let the smoke be thin and even, and expand more quickly throughout the location.
  • Primary heating up takes very short time, only about 75 seconds, shorter than general faze machines.
  • DMX on board, 2 CH DMX, operate by any additional DMX controller.
  • Multi-function operation control. Built-In timer control, manual fogging control and continuous fogging control.
  • FZ-2.0 is equipped with adjustable smoke vent.
  • Self-cleaning function: The machine design of machine stops working after a delay of 30 seconds, automatically clear the tubing of the remaining liquid.
  • Design of expediting liquid supply: When low smoke output, it takes more time for supplying the liquid for the first time. The function of manual fogging is suggested to be used for expediting liquid supply and save time.
  • Easy understanding LED display and intelligent design of software control.
  • Heavy-duty.  Able to keep working long time.

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