EXPLO(UHF) Strobes

Revolutionary force Explo ultrahigh frequency (UHF) strobe series.

EXPLO ultrahigh frequency strobe series has three available models, EX-300, EX-1250 and EX-2500. The three strobes, in addition to all traditional advantages, possess the special and stunning blinder-effect of ultrahigh frequency twinkling, which makes the application technology achieve a level of higher efficiency.

EXPLO-300/1250/2500 are able to execute smooth linear dimmer from 0 to 100% and also available for adjusting the continuously flashing speed as well as the blinder rate. The ultrahigh frequency twinkling blinder effect coordinated with function of auto fade-out allows EXPLO UHF strobe series to present excellent effect in clubs, tour shows and DJ shows.

EXPLO is equipped with long-life I type xenon lamp. Its color temperature reaches 5600K clean white. Transparent cover made of tempered glass, solid hanging handle, easy replacement of lamp tube and outer shell of excellent heat dissipation accomplish EXPLO ultrahigh frequency strobe series as your best choice. Additionally, EXPLO strobe series has the full-function controller EC-3 included, which can be attached to the fogger itself for operation or be cable extended for external use. Such additional value makes EXPLO more worth using.


  • EXPLO strobes series is available from 300W to 2500W, which meets requirement of different applications.
  • Stunning blinder effect of ultrahigh frequency twinkling matched with effect of auto fade-out.
  • Smooth linear dimmer from 0 to 100%.
  • Continuously flashing speed (1~25 fps in 50Hz, 1~30 fps in 60Hz) and adjustable blinder rate (0.2 to 5 seconds).
  • Includes full-function controller EC-3, which can synchronize flashing. Synchronous control can be achieved with input of analog signal.
  • Long-life I type Xenon lamp of color temperature up to 5600K.
  • Transparent cover made of tempered glass and outer shell of excellent heat dissipation.