Magic Tube

Magic Tube of 1.5cm diameter provides more possibilities for lighting decoration. With built-in programs inside each tube, Magic Tube can present different effects such as icicle and meteor by just being powered on and not having to be connected to any controller. Programs of time difference built in each tube makes effects more spectacular and outstanding when used major quantity of tubes. There are two versions as options, LED single side lighting and 3D penetrating lighting. The product is packed as a kit of 3 tubes or 6 tubes for sale. Every kit includes Magic Tube, “T” curtain cable and water-proof power supply. Water-proof Magic Tube is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Easy installation allows everyone to become artist master of lightings.

magictube.jpg magictube.jpg


  • With built-in icicle, meteor and other special effects. No need to connect any controller. Time difference of the programs makes Magic tube present spectacular effects when used major quantity of tubes.
  • Its stylish design of single side vision or 3D vision penetration can be applied to any space. Lightweight poly-carbonate case only 1.5cm diameter makes Magic Tube ideal for mobile celebration and installation.
  • There are four colors of LED available for choice : White, Red, Green, Blue
  • Both indoor & outdoor use for general decoration.
  • Users-friendly for whole set of Magic Tube, plug & play.
  • Extremely long-life led light source (around 20,000 hr. Rated).
  • Very low power consumption benefits more energy saving.
  • Could be attached in different configurations for easy installation or dismantle.
  • IP44 waterproof- suitable for sunny, cloudy and rainy day.

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