MOBILITY FOG MACHINE The miniature, lightweight 400W/800W fog machine are new models of thermal conductivity type fog machine specially designed for commercial market. After passing various stringent environment simulation tests and safety specification certification, this mobility foggers swept the fog machine market with a fresh new look. Its mechanized production and strict processing control ensured conformity to quality control that is why 400W/800W fog machines have a very stable quality. With respect to strong demand for security by the commercial market, the new design of this mobility fog machine specifically targeted the triple safety protection. Even if there are damages in some parts of the machine, it can still give the safest protection and provide customers with maximum safety. With puffing flow (output) of around 2000 (400W) and 3500 (800W) cu.ft/min, 400W/800W foggers are very suitable for use in small exhibitions, family parties, mini bars or small commercial spaces.

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  • A special heating element design that prevents blockage, giving years of reliable use.
  • A wide-angle fog output, which use of jointless oil transmission pipeline system minimizes the possibility of blockage.
  • An easy-to-use design made for convenient operation in various settings
  • Mobility, compact and lightweight exterior.
  • Direct thermal protection
  • Its fully automatic mechanical production provided stable quality.
  • Triple safety protection gives consumers more security.
  • High-performance pump for great fog output.
  • Can directly be used with line controller LC-2X.


Model No DEO-400/400S
Color Black/Silver
Power 230W
Fuse (120V) 5A
Fuse (230V) 3A
Heating Time (minute) 4.5
Output (cu. ft/min) 2000
Tank (liters) 0.6L
Handle Included
Voltage 120V,230V,240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH   W/Handle) 235 x148x174 mm
Weight (kg) 2.2
Matching Controller(Included) LC-2X

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