TC-2 timing controller is suitable for Atmos fog machine (AF-800/800S) & Fog Myth fog machine (FM-800).


Detailed functions as follows:

Function Instructions
TIMER ON/OFF Press the button; the timer of interval output stop and the upper red led will glow.
CONTINUOUS Press the button, the fog machine emits fog continuously and the upped red led will glow.
MANUAL Press the button, it allows the operation be controlled manually. After the machine has warmed up, the upper green led will glow.
DURATION 0.5s~10s±1s
INTERVAL 9s~280s±20s


Model TC-2
Cable Length 3 m
Connector 3 Pin JY Plug
Function 1. Timer with interval, duration
2. Continuous fogging
3. Manual ON/OFF
Dimensions (L x W x H) 123 x 66 x 35mm
Weight 0.375 Kg
Compatible with AF-800,FM-800


Sorry, Not yet available

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