TC-4 controller is mainly used for controlling SHZ-80.


Detailed functions as follows:

Function Instructions
TIMER ON/OFF For timing interval puffing.
Pressed, timing of interval puffing stops, and the red led on the upside lights.
CONTINUOUS For continuous puffing.
Pressed, the fogger continues puffing, and the red led on the upside lights
MANUAL For manual puffing.
Pressed, the fogger functions manual puffing. The green led on the upside is to indicate heating and puffing. When puffing, the led turns off.
DURATION For adjusting duration of haze
0.5S – 8S ±1S
INTERVAL For adjusting time of interval
2S – 150S ±10S


Model TC-4
Cable Length 8 m
Connector 1/4” mono Jack
Function 1. Timer with interval, duration
2. Continuous fogging
3. Manual ON/OFF
Dimensions (L x W x H) 123 x 66 x 35mm
Weight 0.375 Kg
Compatible with SHZ-80


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