Shimmer (SH-3A)

Shimmer – LED Effect Lighting.



  • Various operation modes make the SH-3A three effects in one; sound-active, slow rotating, and stationary.
  • Using a long life stepping motor technology it can produce quick accurate movement or smooth fluid move movements for mood music.
  • This mini flower effect offers several possibilities for clubs, mobile DJs and home party alike.
  • The beautiful and rolling white and sharp beams make more abundant vision experiences.
  • Four to eight units and a four-channel chaser make an excellent mobile show.
  • Long running, never overheating, and absolute cooling.
  • Extremely long-life light source (>20,000 hr. Rated), no bother of bulb replacement.
  • Very low power consumption, more energy saving.
  • Delicate and small shape makes it easier for installation.


Model No. Shimmer (SH-3A)
Illuminant 3W white LED
Dichroic Wheel White color
Motor Stepping motor
Effect Moonflower effect
29 white beams
3 operation modes
Audio Control (internal mic) YES
Dimensions (LxWxH) w/bracket 195*165*134mm
Weight 0.65kg
Voltages Available AC100~AC240/50Hz/60Hz
With Power Supply INPUT:AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Fuse T1A/250V
Power Consumption 10W


Shimmer Shimmer

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