MARS Professional Fog Machine (MX-3500)

MARS series, DMX digital foggers, establish their eminence in the market with unique innovation and professional technique. Thanks to their high security and easy maintenance, MARS series are perfectly adapted for locations of professional performance.

Capacitated for 3500W output volume, the extraordinary MX-3500 is a masterpiece among the professional foggers, a representative resulting from professional high-tech. The dual-aluminum heating pipes enhance heat transmission efficiency, and enable you to create spectacular fogging effect without much heating time. The innovative device for economical power consumption can save energy up to 50%.

The built-in timing controller with LCD display (MD-3) makes the operation of MX-3500 direct and user-friendly, while the liquid-level sensor guarantees operation security. Dual-piped heating module, innovative design of easy-disassembly shell at three sides, and direct-replacement of modules significantly improve maintenance efficiency as well as operation safety.
Super-powerful MX-3500 creates spectacular effects without making any noise.

The innovative oil providing system performs vaporizing process through one-piece jointless die-case heating module and as a result, reduces the possibility of nozzle blockage to minimum. Even when emitting continuously as large volume as 50,000 cu.ft/min, the fogger still works in perfect order. Use our non-toxic high-quality water-based liquid to maximize the fogging effect, and you can relax and enjoy the stage performance.

MX-3500 is distinguished for its excellent quality and perfect capability. Our innovation continuously improves its operation safety and makes it the first choice for all large stage performance.

MX-3500 MX-3500


  • Sharp Modularization: The entire machine is assembled with a heating module, a pump module and a circuit module. Each of the three modules is independent, and that is what makes the maintenance so direct and easy.
  • Security: The die-cast heating module is perfectly covered and sealed with double-decked iron shell. Patented low-liquid sensor detects shortage of liquid and warns the pump to cut oil supply automatically so as to prevent from damaging.
  • High Efficiency: Dual-heating-tube module, developed from the single-heating-tube design, accelerates the speed of heat transmission and substantially improves the heating efficiency.
  • Economical Power Consumption: Power-saving device enables MX-3500 to cut automatically power consumption during stand-by, which impressively realizes power saving up to 50%.
  • Convenience: MX-3500 is a DMX digital foggers which can be conveniently connected with other foggers and DMX stage equipment for operation by extra DMX controller. Besides, it can be operated by exteriorly connected controllers to do master/slave operation or normal control.
  • Humanized warning function for abnormal status: In case the fogger has any abnormal functioning, the LED display of the MD-3 and status of tank will be indicating abnormal status as warning to let the user be aware of the problematic situation in time.
  • LED heating indicator system in tank: Red = Heating; Green=Ready to use; Flashing for both color= Out of liquid and other abnormal warnings.


Model No MX-3500
Power 3000W
Fuse(120V) NFB 16A
Fuse(230V,240V) NFB 9A
Warm Up time(min) 5
Fog Output (cu.ft/min) 48000
Tank (liters) 6.5
Bracket YES
Dimensions (LxWxH   W/Handle) 663x300x249mm
Weight (kg) 18.5kg
Voltage 120V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz
DMX512 CH. DMX 1CH or 3CH
Matching Controller (Included) Built-in MD-3

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MX-3500 MX-3500
MX-3500 MX-3500

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