Cyclone Fogger (CF-1500)

Stunning Output in Vertical

Cyclone Fogger of vertical output is born as professional with DMX control. Its powerful vertical output creates outstanding fog effect. One-piece jointless die-cast heating pipe elevates heating efficiency and prevents nozzle jam. Such specially designed heater sealed with iron guarantees absolute safety to the users even in case all thermo sensor system is out of work and results high temperature to melt aluminum as liquid, because the liquid will be absolutely blocked. Powerful fogging with low power consumption is no doubt an indispensable advantage in this era short of energy. Patented function of sensing low liquid will automatically force the pump to stop working, so that prevents parts damage. Strong outer shell, handle of friendly use and Liquid tank of large volume accomplish Cyclone Fogger perfect. Wire controller LC-1X, wireless controller RC-1X and timer TC-1X are optional for operating Cyclone Foggers with excellent conditions.

Cyclone Foggers can be easily installed in theater and studio. They are also the most wanted for creating special and attractive effect in large scale shows, concert, DJ touring and clubs.

Fog-effect-2.jpg CF1500.jpg


Power 1600W
Heater power 1500W
Fuse(120V) 15A
Fuse (230V,240V) 8A
Warm up time (min) 6.5
Fog output (cu.ft/min) 25000
Tank (liters) 2
Handle Included
Voltage 120V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions(LxWxH   W/Handle) 315 x 250 x 202mm
Weight 7.2kg
DMX Control DMX 1CH
Mach Controller LC-1X, RC-1X, TC-1X

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CF-1500 Manual V1.1