Atmos (AF-1200/1200S)

ATMOS, a versatile effect-creator, produces a series of high-quality fog machine: AF-800/800S, AF-900/900S,
AF-1200/1200S and AF-1700/1700S .
The smart and compact series feature the unique die-cast-aluminum heater system for faster and more efficient heat transfer, allowing them to produce dense fog continuously and reducing the possibility of nozzle blockage to minimum. The unique design makes ATMOS series ultra-quiet during operation and also saves much space for a larger oil tank.
The series are ideal for theatres, show rooms, ballrooms and clubs use, operating with our line controllers (LC-1, LC-2S), remote controllers (RC-1, RC-2), timing controllers (TC-1, TC-2), or DMX controller (DMX-2) for powerful fogging effect. Our high quality water-based fog liquid is optimized for use with ATMOS fog machines.

AF1200-E.jpg AF-1200S-R.jpg


  • 1100W heater
  • Equipped with low-fluid sensors, which will automatically stop pumping once fluid level is too low
  • 8 minute heat up time
  • Approx. 7000 cu. Ft/min output
  • 2.5 liter fluid container
  • Direct thermal protection
  • Operate by line controller (LC-1), remote controller (RC-1), timing controller(TC-1), or DMX controller(DMX-2)


Model No AF-1200/1200S
Color Black/Silver
FUSE(120V) 12A
FUSE(230V,240V) 7A
Warm Up time(min) 8
Output (cu.ft/min) 7000
Tank (liters) 2.5L
Voltage 120V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH   W/O Bracket) 310x220x161mm
Weight (kg) 5.4
Control Included NO

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