Rainbow Beam LED

Sharp beams, colors of rainbow like

Rainbow Beam LED Effect Lighting can precisely coordinates with different kinds of music to present the bouncy built-in patterns of multi-colors. Sharp beams shooting from 7 apertures animate the whole space in a moment. The beams created by 63 LEDs distributed in 7 apertures move fast or slow showing splendid rainbow effect of different sight feeling. Rainbow Beam LED effect lighting includes two respective models of audio control and DMX control. Following music rhythm, the audio control model performs precisely the diversity of the built-in patterns. The DMX model can be used with different types of DMX controllers for programming as well as for effecting synchronous or asynchronous control of plural units.

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  • Being equipped with excellent optical lens let the 7 beams of Rainbow Beam show the sharpest light effect to get you touched.
  • Super agile built-in patterns can precisely coordinate with different kinds of music. Sharp beams can sweep the whole space creating animated atmosphere.
  • LED light source of long life (>20,000 hr. Rated) makes no problem of lamp consumption nor trouble of replacing lamps.
  • Reach and colorful LED effects present light beams of full colors.
  • Super durable for 24-hour use. Complete cold light source excludes overheat problem.
  • Low voltage. Character of power saving. Totally in response to green environmental.
  • Durable and resistant case made of metal is easy for installation in any location.)


Model. RB-7A
Illuminant 21*0.1W RED LED
21*0.1W BLUE LED
Strobe Effect YES
Audio Control
(internal mic)
Connectors N/A
Dimension (LxWxH) 325x468x197mm
Weight 3.822kg
Applicable Voltages AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Fuse T1A/250V
Power Consumption 0.109~0.062A/6.5W


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