HAZE-5.0 (HZ-5.0)

DMX HAZE 5.0, Haze Effect of High Light-Peneration

Select HAZE 5.0 to make fog effect of high light-penetration. HAZE 5.0 is able to generate harmless, dry and clean haze of high light-penetration, which is excellent for matching different kinds of lighting shows including traditional lightings, LED lightings and lasers, etc.

HAZE 5.0 has equipped inside a professional air compressor, which is maintenance-free, a precise system of haze transmission, and a liquid tank of large volume. HAZE 5.0 is designed with two independent nozzles, which can generate respectively volumes of haze. The haze generated by a procedure without heating up contributes much better effect of penetration. The specific gravity of the particle of the haze is similar to the air, so it can stay in the air longer. This character makes HAZE 5.0 be an excellent implement for lighting shows. The super powered compressor of HAZE 5.0 is quiet and highly effective. It is suitable to be used in any kinds of professional occasions. The patented low-oil detecting sensor will automatically cut off the compressor’s power when detected low liquid, and so to prevent spare parts from damage. HAZE 5.0 is for DMX signal control, permitting use of any DMX controller. SHZ-1C easy controller is specially designed for HAZE 5.0.

HAZE 5.0 is a perfect master piece characterized by the function of generating volumes of haze of high light-penetration and high quality as well as the high stability, low power consumption, high safety and quietness. It is no doubt at all that HAZE 5.0 is professional at the top level.

HZ-5.0 HZ-5.0.jpg


Power 500W
Fuse(120V) 6A
Fuse (230V,240V) 3A
Warm up time (min) None
Fog output (cu.ft/min) 2800
Tank (liters) 2.5
Handle Included
Dimensions(LxWxH W/Handle) 500×341×285mm
Weight 16KG
Voltage 120V, 230V, 240V50/60Hz
DMX Control DMX 1CH
Mach Controller HZ-1C

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SHZ-400 Manual V1.2