ATMOS DMX Fog Machine (AF-1700DX/AF-1700SDX)


ATMOS DMX fog machine is multi-function professional that has passed strict tests under imitated environments and certification of safety regulations. DMX ON BOARD permits uses through connection to any DMX console. Built-in function of timing control allows easy timing control through manual operation on the Duration & the Interval knobs. ATMOS DMX professional is the most valuable fog machine that has been expected.

AF-1700DX/AF-1700SDX is equipped with die-cut heating module. Heating transmission is more effective. Heating time of every fogging circulation is shortened, and output (cu. Ft/min) based on the same power is more abundant compared with other brand names. It can also output continuously volumes of smoke. Problem of nozzle jam will hardly happen.

ATMOS DMX professional has the vertical heating tube separated from the bottom base. This design successfully blocks the noise. The vertical heating tube occupies small space, which allows the machine to have better volume for big and movable liquid tank, and to elevate its mobility at the same time. When shortage of oil is detected, the safety function of low liquid warning can automatically cut the power off of pump to prevent the interior parts from being damaged, and to assure the safety of the machine and the using environment. Powerful output and volumes of dense smoke puffed within a short time characterize ATMOS DMX professional as a master piece to perfectly animate performance of any large-scale concert as well as launching ceremony. Strict and long-time environmental tests let ATMOS DMX professional be the very suitable product used for concerts, displays, dance halls and firefighting maneuvers.

ATMOS DMX professional not only can accept DMX control, but also can select wire controller LC-5, wireless controller RC-5, or timer TC-3X for easy control. Master/Slave synchronous control can be realized by the built-in timing control function or the optional controllers (LC-5, RC-5 & TC-3X). Furthermore, the smoke effect can be flawless using high-quality fog liquid made by JyunYao.


FB-1700DX(B+S).jpg AF-1700SDXB.jpg

Atmos DMX Fog Machines provide superior performance due to:

  • DMX on board, operate by any additional DMX controller.
  • Built-in function of timing control allows easy timing control through manual operation on the Duration & the Interval knobs. The indicating light on the back panel will indicate adjusted timing.
  • Humanized warning function for abnormal status: In case the fogger has any abnormal functioning, the indicating light on the back panel will be flashing as warning to let the user be aware of the problematic situation in time.
  • Manual fogging can be operated directly from the back panel of the machine. Manual fogging is prior to other fogging operations of the easy controller & built-in timing function. But when DMX control is selected, all manual control functions stop.
  • Fogging volume can be adjusted under DMX operation mode or by the outside connected TC-3X controller.
  • High output fog machine, approx. 21,000 cu.ft/min output.
  • Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) – electronic heater stay hot at all times between fog blasts.
  • Advanced heater system – aluminum die-cast heater prevents clogging.
  • Advanced oil-level sensor detects shortage of oil and warns the pump to cut the oil supply automatically.
  • Direct thermal protection.
  • Master / Slave mode can be operated either by the built-in timing control or by outside connected controller, LC-5, RC-5, or TC-3X. Simple and humanized design makes the fogger easier for use.

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