Magic Curtain

Assembled by cylindrical Tubes of 1.5 cm diameter, Magic Curtain can perfectly execute built-in programs. Without complicated equipment, wanted screens such as effects of snow flakes in the wind, icicle, meteor, water flow, sparkling stars, music wall or arrows…etc. can be presented fluently. More creative effects also can be designed as built-in programs to be broadcasted by Magic Curtain. A simple controller is for being connected to allow repeated broadcast of selected or whole built-in programs. Furthermore, Magic Curtain of audio control is another version for smart choice.

It is easy to use Magic Curtain: unfold the Curtain, fix it with tool on proper location and then plug the power cable. Magic Curtain is of 3D penetration LED. It is packed as a kit of 8 tubes, 12 tubes, 18 tubes, or customs-made quantity for sale. Each kit includes tubes with T connect cable, controller and water proof power supply. Magic Curtain is for both indoor and outdoor decoration, suitable for performance hall, small store, restaurant, stage, disco…etc. It is a creative product that makes feeling of new fresh atmosphere. Its transparent and slender outlook is even more than suitable for different kinds of mounting.


  • Built-in combination programs of creativity such as effects of snow flakes in the wind, icicle, meteor,water flow, sparkling stars, music wall or arrows…etc. accomplish utilities of Magic Curtain in performance halls, small stores, restaurants, stages, discos…etc.
  • With a simple controller connected, it is allowed to broadcast selected programs or whole programsrepeatedly. Audio control is another version for smart choice.
  • Its stylish design of 3D vision penetration can be applied to any space. Lightweightpoly-carbonate case makes Magic Curtain ideal for mobile celebration and installation.
  • Both indoor & outdoor use for general decoration.
  • Users-friendly for whole set of Magic Curtain, plug & play.
  • Extremely long-life led light source (around 20,000 hr. Rated).
  • Very low power consumption benefits more energy saving.
  • IP44 waterproof- suitable for sunny, cloudy and rainy day.


Item No. MTC-08DX-18TX MTC-08DX-18TXA
LED inside/ per tube Ø5mm 0.1W
120°LED *54
Ø5mm 0.1W
120°LED *54
Input voltage AC230V AC230V
Power consumption 22W 22W
Fuse 0.09A 0.09A
Built-in Program 10 automatic programs 1 automatic + 7 sound active programs
Visual Angle 360 degree 360 degree
Control Mode Plug & Play Plug & Play, Sound Active
Water-proof Index IP44 IP44
Dimension (LxW)/set 6950*820 mm 6950*820 mm
Weight 5.3kg/set 5.3kg/set
Applicable Voltage 120V 60Hz or 230V 50 Hz 120V 60Hz or 230V 50 Hz
With Controller YES YES
Power Supply


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Magic Curtain (Automatic)

Magic Curtain (Sound Active)

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Magic Curtain V1.0