8-Light LED DJ Sequencer

The 8-LED-Light DJ Sequencer is made specially for mobil DJ. Its two separate halves allow to be positioned up to 2 meters apart, and are perfect for each side of your DJ rig. Assembled the two halves, the unit becomes a portable case, easy to be installed and moved on the scene. 8-LED-Light DJ Sequencer is audio control or automatic for performing 11 colorful built-in programs including 6 chasers, 4 flashings and 1 mixed pattern. Speed of the built-in programs can be adjusted under automatic mode.

8-Light LED DJ Sequencer.jpg 8-Light LED DJ Sequencer.jpg


  1. Designed to cater for mobile DJ demands.
  2. Operation mode: Automatic and Sound Active. High sensitivity of sound control.
  3. Exciting 11 built-in programs
  4. Beam Angle: 45 degree.
  5. Reach and colorful LED effects present light beams of full colors.
  6. Super durable for 24-hour use. Complete cold light source excludes overheat problem.
  7. LED light source of long life (>20,000 hr. Rated) makes no problem of lamp consumption nor trouble of replacing lamps.
  8. Low voltage. Character of power saving. Totally in response to green environmental.
  9. Robust wooden construction and finished with protective corners.


Model No. 8-LED-Light DJ Sequencer
Illuminant 8mm/0.1w_led*288pcs
Beam Angle 45 degree
Built-in Programs 11
Audio Control (internal mic) YES
Dimensions (LxWxH) 555*180*270mm
Weight 6.55 kg
Voltages Available AC100~AC240/50Hz/60Hz
Fuse 1A
Power Consumption 21W


8 Light LED DJ Sequencer.jpg 8 Light LED DJ Sequencer.jpg
8 Light LED DJ Sequencer.jpg 8 Light LED DJ Sequencer.jpg

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