MARS DMX Fog Machines (MX-3000DX)

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MARS DMX Fog Machines provide superior performance due to:

  • Built-in function of timing control allows easy timing control volume, interval, and duration through by LED display.
  • Humanized warning function for abnormal status: In case the fogger has any abnormal functioning, the LED display on the back panel and status of tank will be indicating abnormal status as warning to let the user be aware of the problematic situation in time.
  • Aluminum die-cast design functioned with high-effective heating module prevents clogging. Unique design that can be earthed directly without affecting normal working of the thermo system and DMX control circuit. There won’t be danger of accidental human body’s electric shock.
  • Advanced oil-level sensor detects shortage of oil and warns the pump to cut the oil supply automatically.
  • DMX on board, operate by any additional DMX controller.
  • Manual fogging can be operated directly from the back panel of the machine. Manual fogging is prior to other fogging operations of the easy controller & built-in timing function.
  • High output fog machine, approx. 40000 cu.ft/min output.
  • Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) – electronic heater stay hot at all times between fog blasts.
  • Direct thermal protection.
  • Master / Slave mode can be operated either by the built-in timing control or by outside connected controller. Simple and humanized design makes the fogger easier for use.


Name MARS-3000DX
Item No. MX-3000DX
Heater Power 2400W
Consumption 2500W
FUSE(230V,240V) NFB 16A
Warm Up time(min) 8
Fo Output (cu.ft/min) 40000
Tank (liters) 6.5L
Handle YES
Dimensions(LxWxH W/Handle) 613*300*274.2 mm
Weight (kg) 15.5 kg
Voltage 230V,240V 50/60Hz
Matchin Controller (Included) Built-in timer
Matchin Controller (Optional) LC-6,RC-6,TC-4

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