Elfin LED Flower

Elfin LED products are born to bring miracles for the economic crisis

Elfin series products are the best choice for fighting the sluggish economy. It includes two categories – Elfin flower and Elfin strobe. The strobe category has three available models, Elfin Compact Strobe, Elfin Multi-function Strobe & Elfin Modulator Strobe. Although small, it is of high efficiency; the performance of each Elfin model will bring you surprise and win your admiration.

You can read more about Elfin flower EF-1, EF-2, EF-3; Elfin strobe ES-1, ES-2, ES-3.



  • Extremely long-life LED light source (100,000 hr. Rated), no bother of bulb replacement.
  • Very low power consumption benefits more energy saving.
  • Rich and colorful performance, never fade.
  • Long running, never overheating, and absolute cooling.
  • Very sharp & wide-output beam performance for Elfin flower
  • Very powerful & unique strobe effect for Elfin Strobes.